Trust your pets; they always know what they are talking about! They are very clever about pointing things out to you. I am constantly amazed at what they know and how far they will go to get our attention. They also like to serve as messengers from spirit.

Here is an example from my client Pattie and her furry spirit guide Wrigley working in cahoots with her friends from heaven…

My new puppy Wrigley is now six months old. He’s an Afghan blonde. I have the book When Heaven Touches Earth. I have it in the back of my bed and it’s with other books.

About a month ago he found it and took it out. He didn’t chew it. Instead he placed it in the living room by his bed. At first I thought this was silly. I put it back on my headboard mixed it in with other books and again he would pull it out every once in a while. Now I went to California last week the sitter told me that he went into the backboard looked around and pick the book out again.

He’s done this several times. It’s not a page-it’s the whole book! He doesn’t chew it or eat it. He just places it in front of me or on his bed. Oh and one more thing, there are other boxes on my shelf and I even hid the book and he found that one out of all the books! How funny!!!

Does he want me to read him a bedtime story from the book? I just had to share! Next time when you’re here I’ll have to have you read him!

~Pattie Freeman, Hypnotist