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Marla’s Magical Musings


Turbo’s Teachings

Turbo's Teachings: Treat each day like the first. Be bright eyed. Always say good morning—no matter what time of day [...]

What Snowdoggie Says About Relationships

Snowdoggie's Top Ten Tips for Relationships: Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerabilities. Refrain from barking, but if you whine [...]

What Snowdoggie Says About Work

Snowdoggie's Top Ten Tips for Work: A strong work ethic is good, just be sure to incorporate lots of play [...]

What Snowdoggie Says About Life

Snowdoggie's Top Ten Tips for Living Well: Walk with a spring in your step. Smile to everyone you meet. Breathe deeply and be grateful for fresh air. Downward Dog is [...]

Our Angel Animals

I love connecting with your angel animals and am always amazed at their ability to come through [...]

Catch More Flies With Honey

The animals have been teaching me the wisdom behind this saying. They say positive energy and imagery [...]

Shapeshifting Your Life

What is your version of reality? Are you dreaming of a warm summer day while buried under [...]

The Road to Hana: Being Open to that Inner GPS

You just never know where the magic will show! I was in Hawaii traveling alone on a long and windy [...]

Manifesting Minestrone

My husband is an awesome chef, lucky me! We often plan our menus a few meals at a time and [...]

A Message From Hannah

Hannah is a beautiful Golden Lab and like many of our beloved dog companions, she is starting to feel her [...]

Mercury Retrograde & Pets

So what is all of this hub bub about Mercury Retrograde and how does it impact you and your animals? [...]


When you intend to be an instrument of service for the highest good you may be surprised to discover how [...]

Hitting the Road with Rover

Summer is vacation season, and, like every holiday trip it brings up the question of traveling with or without your [...]

Vacationing Without Pets

It’s summer and if you are like most people, heading to the beaches, mountains, or amusement parks are top of [...]