Chakra is a Sanskrit word for spinning wheel or vortex. The chakras are the network through which the body, mind and spirit act as a whole system. Through the chakras we send and receive information, record all experiences and respond to the environment. They are located along the central column of the body and are the power centers that oversee the specific channels (meridians) of energy on which contain the individual acupuncture points.

Each chakra relates to a gland in the endocrine system, is associated with at least one organ and specific bodily functions. Certain colors, emotional themes and beliefs correlate with each chakra and these associations can be used effectively to release blocks and restore a vital flow of chi or prana.

People and animals have at least seven major chakras which receive, assimilate and transmit life energies.

  1. Root
  2. Sacral
  3. Solar Plexus
  4. Heart
  5. Throat
  6. Brow/Third Eye
  7. Crown
  1. Base of Spine
  2. Lower Ab/Navel
  3. Upper Abdomen
  4. Chest
  5. Throat
  6. Mid-Forehead
  7. Crown of Head
  1. Adrenal
  2. Reproductive
  3. Pancreas
  4. Thymus
  5. Thyroid
  6. Pineal
  7. Pituitary
  1. Survival, grounding
  2. Procreate, vitality, pleasure
  3. Digestion, nerves, willpower
  4. Blood, circulation, love
  5. Speech, sound, creativity
  6. Vision, lower brain, intuiting
  7. Upper brain, spirit, oneness

There are also five other significant chakras that further ground us into the earth, connect us to our soul, Akashic records and the cosmos.

Feel the Energy of Your Chakras

Rub your palms together vigorously for a few moments. Close your eyes, breathe more consciously and separate your hands. Then move them in and out a few times with the palms facing each other but don’t let them touch. Start to bring them closer as if you were packing an invisible snowball. You should be feeling a bit of magnetic resistance when your ball is the size of a cantaloupe. If your energy is big and vibrant your ball may be larger like a basketball or beach ball. If your hands are almost touching before you feel the pulse, then repeat the first part of this exercise before moving on.

Now lightly cup your hands and with your palms facing towards you, scan in the aura (the energy field that surrounds your body). Try moving at different depths as you scan from above your head down to your knees. Notice any variances in energy. Your hands may feel tingly or hot and then they could hit an area that feels cool or tight. If you reach a part of the auric body and feel like you just can’t move on for a while, honor that. Your body is probably needing a little balance there and the resistance or thickness in the air will lighten up as the flow regulates.

Balance Your Chakras

Here is a quick way you can bring some balance and alignment to the chakras and to start your day feeling more energized. You can also take a break in the middle of the day to rest and replenish with the peaceful flow of chi with your breath, touch and visualization.

  1. Put your hands on your heart, close your eyes and feel your unique beat. Take a few breaths in and set your intention
  2. Place your hands on the root chakra, breathe in the color red and feel it coming through your hands as well as your breath warming your hips, thighs and tailbone
  3. Move your hands to the navel area and feel, see and breathe in a pleasing orange tone. Slide your hands to the solar plexus chakra and receive a bright and joyful yellow vibration
  4. Moving the hands to your heart, feel, see, smell and embody the many healing shades of green that are found in the rainforest
    Touch your throat gently and bring in the sky blue color and just as the sky is a gateway between heaven and earth, the throat chakra is a gateway between mind and body
  5. Gently cup your forehead with one hand and the back of the head with the other as you absorb shades of royal to indigo blue. Feel your third eye expanding
  6. Move the hands to the top of the head and feel a mystical purple energy pouring down through your crown
  7. Open your arms with the palms up and receptive in your aura and gently place them on your lap. Take a few more breaths and then notice how different you feel now

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