I know when my schedule lines up with a gap between clients that the Universe puts it there so I can write about what just happened in the session while I am in the energy of it, like yesterday….

I was doing a reading for a Border Collie that passed into spirit three years ago and appears to be back now as a Pug. I get the chills aka God Bumps at this notion as I describe the way he shows me curling up in my client’s lap in a small, lightly colored body with thick, short velvety fur. He explained that this was not something he could do before as a large dog and he really enjoyed it.

“Tell her about the book!” An image of a book called Return from Heaven that I had just finished reading popped into my mind. I explained that even though this book is about human cases of reincarnation within the same family, I know there is something in it she needed to connect to. I could barely squeeze in that I too am writing about reincarnation but with animals and the strange ways they come through to validate it.” before I was interrupted.

“Look at your pillow.” I turn to look at the pillow next to me and I start flipping out. There was a whole line of water drops leading from my deck of oracle cards to me that looked like dog drool I just had to ask, “Does (did) your dog have an issue with drool because it just spontaneously appeared on my pillow.”

“YES!” She screamed, “YES! Out of nowhere our Pug drools and we haven’t been able to figure it out!” I grabbed the camera; I just had to snap a picture to show her.

I asked the Pug what was up with the drool and why this was significant. He shared a couple of insights about it from both a physical and emotional perspective.as well as directing my client to notice what is going on with her when it occurs. I moved into an automatic writing form of healing where I draw out the drool energy pattern on paper. My hand is driven by spirit and what might appear to the uninitiated eye as kindergarten scribbles is really an interesting form of Spirograph designs that reflect a story and unlock an energy imbalance.

When I no longer feel a force outside of me guiding the pen I stop. The image of the book pops back into my mind again and as I try to explain why I thought Return from Heaven would be useful for her I was interrupted a second time. “Look at the pillow now.”

Poof, it was gone. Just as fast as it appeared it was gone. No signs of drool anywhere. We are talking about solid, soaked through the pillow case type of wet gone in less than three minutes. Boy was I glad I had the impulse to get a photo for proof. But that was not the most amazing part of this session….