Energy Healing Classes

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Reiki Level 1  | $300

In this two-day clase you will:

  • Receive the four traditional Usui attunements to this high vibrational energy
  • Learn the philosophy and hand placement techniques
  • Practice healing self and others
  • Bring more of your soul’s energy into the physical body
  • Connect more deeply with your life purpose
  • Expand your connectedness with all of life

Reiki Level 2 | $525

In this two-day class you will:

  • Receive one powerful attunement that reawakens the three Reiki symbols in the energy field
  • Go deeper into the healing sessions on self and others as energy is not bound by time or space
  • Learn how to send energy remotely to people, animals and situations
  • Learn how to direct energy into past, present and future
  • Learn how to transform consciousness for a deeper level of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing

This class really creates a resonance with your soul’s desires. You will find yourself experiencing limitless potential and attracting a more fulfilling life with the power and growth that accompanies this attunement.

Healing With Nature | $55


  • Open your heart to an intimate connection with our ultimate Mother – The Earth
  • Partner with the elemental kingdom to harmonize and balance your energy
  • Receive the medicine of the plant consciousness, tree spirits and wildlife to create a positive shift
  • “In-joy” a beautiful nature setting
  • Leave renewed with a greater appreciation for all of life and your role in it

Healing Chronic Patterns | $150


Is there a certain part of your body that gets injured repeatedly?
Do you find yourself in relationship after relationship only to experience the same issues each time?
Are the same obstacles cropping up in your work?
Do you ride horses or engage in other sports and run into the same limitations each time?

What would it be like if you could make a shift in the blink of an eye and start experiencing life differently now?

  • Learn the power of open-ended questions to transform energy
  • Partner with the elemental kingdom to harmonize and balance your energy
  • Allow your Power Animals to “cat-apult” you through stuck points
  • Return to innocence and joy with the help of the Fairies
  • Connect to your starlight energies for a powerful course correction and rebirth


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Reiki For Animals | $88

Reiki level 1 is a pre-requisite for this class. Level 2 is recommended but not necessary.

  • Discussion on treating animals vs. people
  • Hand placement techniques
  • How to read and respond to their energy signals
  • Key differences in working with dogs, cats and horses
  • Body mechanics and safety issues
  • Working with a surrogate

Energy for Animals 2 | $288

In this two-day class (on a weekend or two consecutive Saturdays) you will learn how to improve vitality, behavior and relationships by working with the electromagnetic energy field surrounding your pets (aura) and replenishing a nourishing flow of chi energy to the body, mind and spirit. Active exercises include:

  • Pendulum Dowsing
  • Tracking Energy Flows
  • Chakra balancing
  • Color enhancing
  • Discovering how pets are mirroring your energy

And, you will create action steps for follow up.

Angels & Animals | $150


  • Discover how these divine masters can assist with animal specific issues
  • Create a sacred space for healing
  • Channel divine energy to key points and zones to keep you and your animals calm, comfortable and flowing with greater ease
  • Become aware of how your energy influences your pets
  • Structure prayers and ceremonies
  • Implement techniques for closing out the healing sessions

Flower Essences for Animals & Their People | $150

Help release and shift anxiety, stress and trauma with the help of flower, gem and environmental essences. These essences are subtle yet powerful healers that work to clear cellular memory and create structure for new patterns to occur. Includes:

  • Partnering with nature in the essence selection process
  • Review of favorite animal formulas
  • Insight into the role of people in the transformation pets