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My Healing With Energy Journey

My journey into alternative healing began when I had an undiagnosed illness. I learned to listen to the wisdom of my body and the in-spirit whispers from my doctor grandmother. Years later Grandma woke me up with a dream message about my father’s missed cancer diagnosis, telling me the tests were wrong and we needed to go back to the hospital. Grandma wanted me to follow in the footsteps of our family lineage of doctors but she was happy when I traded in my radio and retail background for the Reiki and readings.

Reiki: The Foundation

Reiki is the foundation of my energy healing world, the thread of light that weaves many other modalities together. How we choose to engage these modalities is based on your unique intentions and the guidance that unfolds during our session.
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Energy Flows Where Intention Goes

Energy healing seeks to balance, harmonize and replenish the flow of chi through unification of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Live in the space of love and limitless potential. Sign up for my Healing With Energy newsletter for ideas, information, class and event schedules and more.

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What is Reiki Energy Healing?


Reiki is an ancient healing technique rediscovered in the late 1800’s by a Japanese doctor named Mikao Usui. It is a gentle, non-invasive form of channeling Universal Life Force Energy through a practitioner’s hands. It is not based on any religion or belief system and works well with other treatments.
Reiki promotes unity and balance between the body, mind, emotions and spirit and works with the chakras to harmonize the circulation of chi energy. Reiki is not based on any religion or belief system and works well with other treatments. It can be performed either in-person as with the “laying on of hands” or remotely for long distance healing. The conscious and subconscious intentions of the receiver will direct the flow of energy. Think of the recipient as the appliance, the practitioner as the electrical cord and the outlet as the connection to source energy.
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What Can I Expect From Reiki?


  • Reiki is known for its ability to reduce stress, promote relaxation, release what is no longer useful and stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself
  • You may feel tingles, lightness, tightness, heat, cool, air moving or other sensations
  • It is common for your stomach to gurgle or to feel like yawning uncontrollably as the energy shifts. Some people actually fall asleep
  • Your pets may want to get close to you, or they may look up and around like they see something we don’t
  • Most people report a sense of inner peace and calm or an all-is-well feeling after a Reiki session
  • It is common to experience a good night’s sleep, revealing dreams and more clarity for life decisions as the Reiki continues to flow for a while after the session
  • Many clients also notice a reduction or elimination of pain, weight loss, increased vitality, improved relationships and greater life balance
  • The power and beauty of Reiki lies in its simplicity. It reconnects us with more of our soul’s essence to nourish the heart and expand the interconnectedness with all of life
  • Reiki healing is akin to clearing the fuel lines in your car and filling your tank with gas—you can optimize your energy and travel a great distance
  • I offer options for both regular and mini energy healing sessions, as well as discounts for purchasing a package of sessions. Click here to learn about your Energy Healing Session options.
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Experience the Benefits of Energy Healing

Healing Modalities & Techniques


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Animals & Energy Healing


They love it

Animals easily respond to the energy because they have not been programmed by society to be skeptical. They communicate through energetic rapport so to receive healing this way is very natural for them. Animals sense when the energy is present and will often move towards the practitioner to get some more of the good stuff! They will even point to the part of their body that really needs the healing.

Are your pets mirroring you?

All animals reflect their pet parents. Whether it is an energetic resonance response to the home environment, a case of “like attracts like”, or a soul-level contract whereby your pets have agreed to heal you, there is always a mutual influence occurring. I have also seen several cases where people, usually unconsciously, are healing or mirroring their pets through their bodies too. This is why it may be useful for all parties in the household to receive an energetic tune-up.

It’s just as effective at a distance

Whether the energy healing is done in-person or long distance the result is usually the same. Most people report an immediate softening or relaxation response although some animals that have been lethargic may feel a sudden burst of energy and decide to play.

Signs that your pet’s energy is shifting

Soft, heavy eyes | A deep sigh, groan, or purr | A lick, chew, or yawn | Downward doggy-style stretches | Passing gas | Pawing or twitching | Full body shake
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Ways Energy Healing Can Help Your Pets

Chakra Healing

What is a Chakra?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for spinning wheel or vortex. The chakras are the discs of energy where consciousness meets matter. People and animals have seven major chakras and several minor ones.

What does a Chakra do?

The chakras are a sophisticated network through which we send and receive information, record all experiences and respond to the environment. Each chakra is closely related to a specific nerve center, a gland in the endocrine system, and is associated with at least one organ. Certain colors, emotional themes, and beliefs correlate with each chakra.

Where are the Chakras located?

The chakras are located along the central column of the body. They are the power centers that oversee the meridians of energy which contain the individual acupuncture points. The first or root chakra is located at the tailbone and the seventh is on the crown. There are several minor chakras above the crown, in the palms of the hands, on the soles of the feet and below.

Keeping your Chakras open

Aura hygiene is as important as oral hygiene. Emotional or physical trauma, stress or unresolved issues can cause stagnation in the flow of energy between chakras. Over time stagnation may cause a blockage or disease. When one chakra shuts down, it impacts the stability and function of the other chakras. While Reiki is my go to remedy to restore the flow of prana or chi, I tend to blend several modalities together in a session based on the intuitive rapport I share with my human and animal clients.

Learn more about Chakra Healing or explore other Energy Healing modalities in the resource section.

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Learn More About Reiki & Energy Healing

Reiki Levels I and II. Classes are kept small due to the intimate nature of the attunements and group experience.

Energy Healing. Several modalities for the beginner or advanced student including Healing With Nature Healing Chronic Patterns, Invoking the Angels, Flower Essences and more.

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Animal Pendulum Charts

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If everything is energy then anything is possible!

A series of classes to help you nourish the heat and expand your interconnectedness with all life


Flower Essences & Aromatherapy

“Flowers are the sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”


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Client Feedback

“Marla was a huge pillar of strength, insight, healing, and clarity while my horse Denali went through what was for me the scariest horse surgery I have ever had to be a part of. My baby had to have part of her hoof removed and Marla created a high vibration around the surgery, and now my baby is back home and healing perfectly! I am so grateful for her gifts.

Scarlet Ravin, Author
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