Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.
~Luther Burbank

What Are Flower Essences?

ANGELS TRUMPET helps with transformation, the aging process, and spiritual surrender at the end of life

ANGELS TRUMPET helps with transformation, the aging process, and spiritual surrender at the end of life

Essences are the energetic blueprint of the flower, (plant, tree, gem or environment) from which it occurs and does not contain any actual plant material or any scents. The vibrational energy of the plant and its unique healing properties are infused into water and sold in stock bottles that are typically preserved with brandy or vegetable glycerin.

How Essences Work

The flower essences bring a higher consciousness of energy to the earth and the gem and environmental essences further anchor and sustain these energies to create a unity of flow through the body, mind and spirit. The essences create a shift of the thoughts, beliefs and emotions held deep in the cellular memory and their release will in turn have a noticeable influence on behavior and physical well-being.

The flower (plant, tree, gem or environmental) essences stock are added to drinking water. Through the medium of water, the Universal transmuter of energy, the life force of the plant is released. Since our bodies are at least 75% water, it is readily absorbed throughout our entire system. See more on Dr. Emoto’s Hidden Messages in Water books for visual images of water crystals exposed to various stimuli and the movie Water, The Great Mystery to see how water takes on the energy of its environment.

Which Essences Are Right For You?

There are a few ways to determine which essences are appropriate for you. First think of your desired outcome and any blocks you perceive to creating a transformation.

TIGER LILY helps with socialization, balances aggression, and encourages cooperation

TIGER LILY helps with socialization, balances aggression, and encourages cooperation

  • Some essence manufacturers will provide you with a thorough intake sheet to determine your core personality type and helpful remedies to address associated patterns of imbalance.
  • You could read about the healing properties of each essence and select what feels appropriate to you based on this description.
  • Allow your intuition and your physical body to be magnetically drawn to the essences that are a match.
  • Work with an intuitive healer to see through to the subconscious blocks or core beliefs that are presenting themselves in the current dynamic. The healer may hear, see or know the best essences to harmonize your body’s energies and transform the current situation. They may also select remedies by dowsing with a pendulum or muscle testing.


The flower essences sold in stores are generally referred to as stock bottles. They are concentrates preserved with brandy or vegetable glycerin.

The easiest way to take flower essences is to add 2 drops of each formula to your drinking water and sip it throughout the day. Each time I refill the water, I add more drops until I forget or my body says that’s enough.

Super sensitive people will notice a shift rather quickly but for most about 3 weeks on the essences they will either feel complete with their intention or sense it is time to alter the formula to peel off another layer of the pattern to gain access to a greater movement of energy.

To create a dosage bottle, start with an ounce glass bottle with a dropper top. Fill with spring or distilled water. I prefer spring. Add 2 drops of each essence and then tap the bottle gently to potenize. Add 10-15% brandy or vegetable glycerin to preserve if you are unable to refrigerate. You can then take 4 drops under the tongue as needed. For acute situations 4 drops under the tongue 4 times a day is standard. You could also add a dropper full of your dosage bottle formula to your drinking water.

Animals & Essences

Animals tend to be more receptive than people as they live in closer communion with the nature realm. They readily voice their preferred remedies and it paints a picture of their current energy patterns or life challenges. Animals also tend to shift more quickly than people and will usually do just fine with 2 drops of each essence added to their water bowl in the morning activated with a quick stir. For cats, be sure to give them an alternative source of water that does not contain essences because they are a bit more finicky.

To ensure that your pet is actually getting the essences, sometimes I prefer to use the dosage bottle method with about 4 drops in the mouth 2-3 times a day. If this is too stressful to administer, add the drops to a treat or their food. You can also massage a couple drops into their paws or around the base of the ears and the top of the head.

If another animal drinks the water with the essences it will not cause any harm, they will shift if the essence resonates with a pattern that they hold, if not it will have no effect.