So what is all of this hub bub about Mercury Retrograde and how does it impact you and your animals?
Mercury is known as the Messenger planet and it rules communication, mechanical and electronic items, travel, vehicles and pets. Three to four times a year we experience a slowdown of the energy associated this planet as it appears to stop and reverse direction. This time period usually last about three weeks, however; it can feel like an eternity to those who don’t know how to prepare for and maximize its greater purpose.

Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rap due to its association with miscommunication, schedule mix-ups, computer glitches, a breakdown in vehicles or electronics, travel delays, and tense or strained relationships. Astrologers advise not to negotiate or sign contracts or make major purchases during this time as information may be misleading, withheld or not available to be seen. You will be less likely to be happy with the results and may end up with a lemon. My friends who purchased new homes during this time are living proof!

I alert my mechanic and computer buddies so they can prepare for the onslaught of business that will be coming their way.

Mercury Retrograde does have a bright side! The purpose of this slowing down energy is to bring introspection, organization, attention to detail and completion of old projects. The reversal aspect may have you thinking more about the past, reconnecting with old friends or re-evaluating plans so you can move forward optimally when the energy picks up again. Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide:

  • Cultivating a positive mindset during this time is essential.
  • Be as clear and graceful as possible in all conversations
  • Double and triple check dates, times and details
  • Allow for delays, especially in regards to all facets of travel
  • Back up computers at least a week before the retrograde starts
  • Check and replace batteries Schedule regular vehicle maintenance and if you hear any strange noises or suspect an issue, do not put off repairs
  • Elective medical procedures involving mechanical or electrical equipment will go more smoothly at a later date Maintain your sense of humor and know that this too shall pass!

How does Mercury Retrograde Affect Pets?

First and foremost pets are greatly influenced by their environment and the emotions of their caretakers. If you are stressed and frazzled they will be too. Mercury directly rules pets so it is a good time to keep a close eye on them and their physical bodies. Regular health checkups are favored. Non-life threatening procedures such as dentals, spaying or neutering are not.

You may notice an old injury resurfacing, issues with digestion or strain on structural parts such as bones and joints. Pets tend to be more accident prone during Mercury Retrograde. Tension may occur in relationships between pets as misaligned communication fills the animal kingdom as well. Two dogs that normally get along fine might have a snarl over food or a toy.

Difficulties in training or behavior may surface as your pet could be confused about what you are asking. Be sure to send clear mental pictures with your words. Also be aware of the energy that you are radiating. Is it calm and congruent with your intentions?

I tend to notice a slightly higher rate of lost pets during Mercury Retrograde. Be sure to check doors, gates, latches and fences for repairs. Also inspect leashes, collars and tack for weak or torn parts. Prevention is key!

I speak as the parent of a Mercury Retrograde prone cat. Our Mercury mishaps have included food poisoning, falling from a second story, falling off the car while in a hard carrier, eating to-go food leftovers including the foil wrap and Styrofoam container and the normally indoor only guy got out and went missing for three days during a storm. He is my teacher and boy have I learned! I mark the retrograde cycles on my calendar, keep my vet on speed dial and call on the angels for extra help and protection (especially on the first and last days of the retrograde cycle when the impact is the strongest).

Mercury Retrograde Schedule:
August 30 to September 22
December 19-31

April 9-May 3
August 12-Sept 5
December 2-22