Animal Communication


As a Professional Pet Psychic for over 16 years, I am still in awe of this process…that I can energetically merge with a pet, even one hundreds or thousands of miles away, and see, feel, hear, and smell as they do.

I cherish every opportunity to translate and share with you, so that you too can experience life from your pet’s perspective and know with confidence just what it’s like to be in their body.

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A Voice for the Animals


Many animal lovers see that look in their pets’ eyes that says “I’m trying to tell you something” and they think, “if only I knew what you are thinking and feeling!”

As a Voice for the Animals, I can translate their needs and desires. I am also here to tell you that so can YOU! Everyone can send and receive telepathic messages. Did you know that most animals are more than willing to assist you in learning their language? It just takes a little loving intent, which I know you have, and some practice. Your pets will be thrilled to connect to you through your inner voice and mental pictures. You’ll be sure to capture the attention of the wild ones, too.

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Making the Connection


I read the consciousness of the animal, not just physical body language, which is why it works without the animal present and how it’s possible to connect with animals that have transitioned into spirit. We create a union of souls using instantaneous, heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind energy techniques. Like the internet, once the psychic connection is made the information is relayed at a high speed in the form of words, images, sounds, and feelings.Sometimes pets send a scent or show a mini-movie of their life. The conversation may be very much like talking to a person. Some animals speak in complete sentences; others are brief or symbolic with their language.

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What Can I Expect?


Something Verifiable

Expect to hear something easily verifiable that confirms your pet is really communicating. This can show up as a nickname, an exact phrase you use, a quirky characteristic, an activity unique to your pet, or a description of a recent event. Some information may validate what you’ve already sensed. If so, congrats! That means that you are picking up on your pet’s messages.

Something New

You will also learn new information about your pet’s well-being, how he/she connects with you, how your journey is shared, and even their advice. Most sessions include action steps for follow up as well as referrals to other practitioners or helpful products when relevant.
Check out my blog or the videos on the Marla Steele Pet Psychic YouTube channel for “Psychic Tails”, and wonderful animal messages and stories.

Experience Life From Your Pet’s Perspective

Animal Communication Benefits

  • Deepen your bond & make communication a two-way street
  • Hear your animal’s preferences, concerns, insights, and advice
  • Gain more information about their physical and emotional well-being
  • Ease stressful events such as separation anxiety, vet visits, adding new pets to the family, vacationing, dealing with Halloween and 4th of July holidays
  • Assist in decision making such as selecting which trainers, sitters, bodyworkers or boarding facilities resonate with them
  • Understand behavior issues from their point of view
  • Learn more about your animal’s past
  • Discover your pet’s role in the home and how they heal you
  • Negotiate acceptable outcomes for all
  • Improve household harmony-the relationships between multiple pets & people
  • Support transitional processes like moving, divorce, loss, grief or trauma
  • To know thyself since your pets often mirror you
  • Fulfill your soul contracts
  • Assist the end-of-life process
  • Increase awareness of your Angel Animals and discover how they are showing up in your life
  • Heighten your spiritual awareness and connectedness with all life

Messages & Soul Contracts


It always amazes me how much the animals know about our lives, even with things that don’t occur in their physical presence such as work situations or out of state relationships. Animals are able to understand events and traumas that happened to us before they came into our lives. This is because we have soul level agreements to be together and assist each other to grow. These contracts often span multiple lifetimes.

A session with a pet medium can reveal the contracts you share with your pets. Most animals want to share a profound message for you and humanity too. I love to translate these insights as well as their personal likes, concerns, and desires with their pet parents. I see my role as a portal to the limitless bonding potential the animals share with their human families and pet siblings. I admire how gracious the animals are in their outlook, caring for us as well as the planet. They always keep it interesting and I am grateful to them and my human clients for being my teachers.

Readings & Appointments


Animal Communication: Session Highlights
  • Sessions are conducted by phone in 1/2 or 1-hour appointments
  • Your pet does not need to be with you during your session
  • Multiple pets ok. One photo of each is preferred but a brief description will work if photo is not available
  • You are welcome but not required to include a photo of yourself. It may be useful as part of the energy conversation which extends to humans in the home
  • Sessions are a blend of energy healing and animal communication and it’s common to folllow readings with a pure energy healing appointment
  • Sessions are recorded and an access link will be email to you within 48 hours of your call
  • Read more about my pet psychic readings…where I am, how I prepare, how we create our connection, signs from your pets, and much more!
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“Being an animal communicator is my j.o.b. – joy of being!”

Animal Communication FAQs
No. Readings are all about psychic energy and the animals do not need to be near you or the phone. Our energies will literally merge with the energy of the animal regardless of their location. Some people find it interesting to watch their pet during the session as they often respond in real time with a lick, chew, yawn or shake to accentuate a conversation point or shift in energy.
An animal communicator often discovers the physical and emotional conditions at the root of behavioral issues and works with the family to resolve the issues in a manner that is a win-win for all. Longstanding negative behavior that is difficult to correct may be helped with energy healing, flower essences, bodywork or training.
No. Only a veterinarian or other appropriately licensed medical professional may diagnose and treat your animal. An animal may reveal areas that are energetically imbalanced or painful.They can convey an organ or body system that is under stress. This information can be very useful for the qualified medical practitioner to take into consideration when performing an exam. If you notice signs such as lethargy, lack of appetite, weight loss, hair loss, inappropriate elimination or sudden personality changes, you need to see a vet ASAP. Pet psychic readings DO NOT replace the need for regular exams or urgent care.
The physical body may come to rest but the energy or spirit of the animal still exists. It transitions into a higher plane or other dimensions of reality. Their energy is not limited by time or space boundaries as they are pure light. They can occupy more than one space at a time which is why they can simultaneous be with you and another family member miles away. Intent along with the long distance healing aspect of Reiki facilitates the process of connecting the person to the animal and helps shift outstanding guilt, grief or sadness and express the continuation of love through this new dimension of the relationship.
Yes, we are all born with the intuitive ability to use our “sixth sense” or more accurately all of our senses to perceive the seen and unseen world. It is the natural state of the animals to rely on these instincts. Your pets along with your angels and spirit guides will be happy to help you develop these skills. Very little is required to get started. It is important to believe that it is possible to communicate intuitively. Then you must relax your mind and body so that you will be present and open to receiving messages. Engaging your sense of imagination and releasing your attachment to the outcome are practiced skills that will enhance the process.
Just the basics, such as your need for help with a behavior issue, want to know more about a pet’s past, current health situation or our relationship. This way I can be sure to be neutral when we start. You will have time to add story details and ask questions during the session.
During Your Pet Psychic Reading
  • Let your animals know when your appointment is scheduled to take place
  • Tell your animals they will have a chance to speak up, then remind them on the day of your session
  • You may want to ask your animals for a sign to validate the communication that takes place during your session
  • Feel free to prepare a list of intentions and questions to bring to your session
  • If possible, sit quietly for 10-15 minutes before the reading, breathe consciously and turn your focus inward
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Communicate Intuitively


“Appreciate the animals and you will have a friend for life”

We are all born with the intuitive ability to use our “sixth sense” or more accurately all of our senses to perceive the seen and unseen world. It is the natural state of the animals to rely on these instincts. Your pets along with your angels and spirit guides will be happy to help you develop these skills.

I enjoy teaching people how to listen with all of their senses to the body, mind and spirit of these beautiful, sentient beings that enrich our lives so much.

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“Johnny Faye has been completely transformed … absolutely no panic attacks and just trotting around with his cart like before!” [Read more client feedback…]

CAMILLA GRAY NELSON | Author & Dog Trainer