A client called to talk about her recently adopted dog. She had been without pets for a while and was finally ready to have one again. In fact, she was on a trip with her husband and said you know when we get home I am ready to start seriously looking for our next dog. While she was at the airport waiting for her flight, her daughter texted her about a friend of a friend situation where they needed to rehome a dog she thought would be perfect for her parents. My client knew instantly this was her girl.

Ruby, a 5 year old German Wirehaired Pointer mix showed me right away what a gentle spirit she is, full of as much love as vitality and really has a pulse on life. Even though she has only been in her new home a couple of weeks she is already quite fond of the garden and loves to lay in the sun like a cat. She shared some of her emotional sensitivities to me especially in regards to a child from her previous home. She loves kids and felt a sense of guilt that she witnessed some trauma and could not prevent it or be of more assistance. She stores these feeling in her belly so we did some energy clearing around that and talked to her about her strengths and her new life. I am also making some flower essence and essential oils to help her keep processing and releasing what is not serving her.

Then Ruby flashes to the present and shows me a beautiful almost like cartoon image of 2 women standing side by side with a big cord connecting them at the hips. She says I have known her before, we are the same; soul sisters, real sisters, human sisters and emphasized that horizontal cord connecting them on the same level.

My client knew right away what Ruby was talking about. She was a twin and her sister did not make it out of the womb. Then she added my birthstone is Ruby!