Marla Steele


I’m a Pet Psychic, Reiki Master, Flower Essence Practitioner and Sole-to-Soul Coach, dedicated to nurturing your spirit and awakening your innate healing abilities. I help people just like you talk to animals, connect more intimately with nature, and participate in creative healing techniques.

I have been a professional animal communicator for 16 years, certainly a far cry from my degree in Broadcasting from Arizona State University! But in 2000, encouraged by my intelligent, compassionate husband, I knew it was time for me to stop working behind the scenes in radio and retail, burst out of the psychic closet, and turn my love for animals and their people into a full-time career.

“The question I’m usually asked is
“When did you realize you could speak with animals?

Ever since I can remember, my love and sensitivity for animals has been the focal point of my life. Some of my best childhood memories are of the quiet moments I spent with my first dog Bruno, who introduced me to animal communication. We just had a way of understanding each other. I believe he is back with me now in a cat body — when I first researched pet psychic communication on the Web several years ago, he started rubbing all over the monitor, actually “pointing” me to many helpful resources!

Dreams have also played a vital role in my life. Even as a child, my dreams were filled with powerful, symbolic, precognitive, and recurring themes, just waiting to be decoded. Thankfully, my Mom encouraged us to listen to our dreams and gut feelings and to respect inner guidance, yet as I began to discuss my dreams with others, I was surprised me to learn how few took notice of theirs. Why?

In time, deceased family members began to visit my dreams. My Grandma and I were very close, so it makes sense that she was the first. Grandma always supported my passion for horses…she was a small-town doctor, and when people faced hard times, she often kindly accepted promises to take me riding as payment.

At the beginning these dream visits from passed relatives made me cry, but it wasn’t too long before I was looking forward to our journeys. Eventually, I invited them to visit on specific nights, and they did. So exciting!

I began to experience dual consciousness. I could take mental notes on how my relatives appeared, where we went, who we visited, and what it looked like, knowing how meaningful it would be to recount it all for loved ones. I was on an information gathering mission, and felt like a reporter relaying a breaking story. My dream experiences proved that it was entirely possible, it was real, to engage with the spirit of someone whether they are alive or had crossed over. And, if we could connect with people, why not animals?


y remarkable journey with my Arabian horse began when Grandma fell ill and I dashed to her bedside. Staying at my sister’s nearby farm, I met the newly arrived, magnificent Steele who was recovering from injury.

Our exceptional connection made it clear he was “the one”.

Two months later, within just minutes of Grandma’s passing, Steele arrived at my home in Northern California along with this sweet message: “Enjoy your horse, and goodbye, for now” . . . delivered, of course, by a cheery bluebird. As usual, Grandma’s loving, final gift was perfectly timed.

Steele has taught me how much of our essence is taken on by our pets, especially how they often mirror us so we can learn, grow and heal each other. Over time, I realized that Steele continued to speak when we were apart, sharing vital, easily verifiable information and confirming I was reading more than just body language. He began to serve as a bridge between two worlds, and now my relatives and spirit guides communicate through him.

So many animals, especially my paint horse, pygmy goat and cats, also assist daily in my continuing education and spiritual growth. I’m especially grateful for my cats, house and barn, who, like Steele, are my master teachers. It is an honor to be their student! I appreciate their love, wisdom and perception of non-physical beings.

When my father was diagnosed with lung cancer, my career expanded as I sought alternative therapies that would help comfort him. Although he was a traditional surgeon, to my surprise he welcomed our Reiki energy healing marla-dad-polaroids-400x392healing sessions with an open heart and soul, even requesting daily sessions, unusual for a man who usually asked for little. I was honored to soothe him and deliver pain relief, and in those final months together we taught each other a great deal. In the spirit of both my Grandma and Dad, such loving physicians, I promised to carry on the family tradition of healing. In turn, although he smiled and said wasn’t sure he would know what to do, he promised to help me from the other side.

While I was taking care of Dad, Steele developed severe colic, and I returned home to practice some of my newly-discovered therapies on him. He had a comprehensive, miraculous recovery after a difficult surgery and life-threatening complications that followed, and our relationship grew even deeper.

One day soon after his recovery, my beloved pony “nudged” me, (one of his favorite things to do), and explained that the time had arrived for me to help other horses and animals. He had given me the tools to forge ahead. Steele is my Master teacher, extraordinary parter, and he will always be my biggest inspiration.


nergy and connection have a powerful influence on the mind, body and spirit of every living being.

I am honored to serve as a vessel, to bring messages from the spirit realm, and to deliver confirmation of how our animals and loved ones continue to visit, love, guide, and heal us from across the Rainbow Bridge.

Until one has loved an animal, part of one’s soul remains unawakenend.”

~Anatole France


o my Mom, family (human and animal), friends, teachers, angels and guides, please accept my heartfelt thanks for your unwavering love, support and enthusiasm. Thank you too, to my unexpected money angels, who always deliver especially when I want to attend an important class or share my healing messages with the world.

Marla Steele is a professional animal communicator, Reiki Master, Flower Essences Practitioner, and Soul Coach. In 2000, after working behind the scenes in radio and retail, she answered her true psychic calling. For the last 16 years, Marla has been training others how to talk to their animals, connect more intimately

with nature, and participate in creative healing techniques such as the ancient healing art of Reiki. A sought-after speaker and respected author, Marla is a featured guest on several major market radio and tv shows. She’s also a passionate animal welfare advocate and has raised over $10,000 for PETsMART Charities with

her readings. Steele lives in the Northern California Wine Country town of Petaluma—yes a town with ‘pet’ in the name—with her husband, horses, cats and dog.