I was doing a reading for a returning client that I felt already had a connection to my (technically grey) but white Arabian horse in-spirit. In fact, the last time I saw my client I had revealed some intimate details about him and our relationship that I don’t share with many people. He prompted me to tell her. He was always a bit pushy like that!

In the beginning of our session my horse showed up again and said tell her I am here helping her find her ideal country property for her rescue dogs and maybe a pet horse. That is something he had helped me to find so I was not surprised. Right after that he guided me to a deck of angel oracle cards and the Power Animals card illustrated with a magical looking white horse fell out. Coincidentally, that was the same card I picked over and over for the first few months after my horse passed. The message is about working with animals physically and spiritually as well as a sign from one of your spirit pets that is like an angel still very connected to and the earth realm. Well that was absolutely fitting as one of my client’s questions was about a particular country property for sale. She wanted to know if it was a good match for her and a place she could have a dog rescue.

I felt hesitation right away. “On paper” it looked like a good property. It had curb appeal, the location was in the heart of an area she really wanted to be. She even had a friend that lived in the neighborhood but I was just not getting the green light. I have learned over the years that if I don’t get a “heck ya” then to me it is a “heck no”. Again I kept seeing my horse and then he sort of moved to the side of me and another white horse popped up next to my client and I said you too have a white horse guide separate from mine helping you. He will give you a sign, but in my gut I don’t feel like this is the one, or at least there is more information that has not been revealed and there is a hurried sense about this that I don’t care for either. I also got the sense that her mom in spirit would give her more clarity around it too.

A couple of hours after I session I received this from her:

I can’t believe this as I forgot all about it but I got a huge plastic white horse from the dumps last month.  I didn’t intend on getting it but I fell in love with it and they said I could have it. I put it in the garden in the front yard.    It makes me smile every time I see it.  When I got home from our reading today the white horse had fallen and was on its side. It’s interesting, as the card you drew was a white horse.

You mentioned my Mom would help me, and that resonates as she was super intuitive, smart and all about heart.  Her presence is still very much here in this house. Every so often I smell her perfume as I did today when I was outside. So when I saw the fallen horse I am POSITIVE it was the sign from her that I asked for.  Shortly after, I discovered that beautiful home will need a new roof as well as expensive termite repair that I cannot afford. The fallen horse was a symbol of your reading and of my Mom’s being here to help me to guide me away from that property.

So tonight I took her Shepherd, Niko, for a run on the trail.  I let go and was enjoying the birds and stopped thinking about any more signs …but when I hopped back into the car to go home, the Viennese waltz music was playing. I had been wanting to hear that music as a sign from Mom (who loved waltzes and was Austrian), so I feel calmer and at peace.

I know she will lead me to my rescue ranch where I will be able to save many senior dogs. It may not be as fancy as this one, but it will all work out

And I might add, so will your (and my) white horse!