The cat complains of the “eco-toxins” in the environment and shows an image of trying to breathe through the dark haze with a snorkel. He was trying reach above this band of energy constricting him and get to the divine light.

Then you invoke Archangel Raphael and his emerald green healing rays and the phone line goes dead. Client calls back and we continue a few minutes later I see Jesus merging his hands onto mine with big white padded Mickey Mouse gloves of love and her phone line goes out again. Later in the session I mention the need for prayer and put my hands together over my crown and her phone cut out again.

Finally I pointed out…did you notice that your phone went out three times, only when I mentioned a religious/spiritual figure or prayer?

As we talked about my client’s desire to move and what had been holding her back I saw the Grass Valley area pop up on the map. She confirmed that was a place they were considering. I said yes the trees; you need to be near the trees. As soon as I imagined seeing her on a sunny ridge overlooking a forest I said there is a higher vibrational energy there and a nice community of conscious healers too…her phone went out again.

This would be a perfect time to bring out all of your spiritual space clearing power tools… sage, crystals, prayer, sacred objects, Feng Shui, sea salts, bells and chimes, affirmations, and rituals for healing subconscious beliefs that are blocking you from the health, vitality and joy you deserve!